I decided to get my first tattoo. It will be a memorial tattoo dedicated to my friend. He died and I can’t live with it. I want to have a little memory on my leg to be with him as long as I’m alive. I will never forget him and this tattoo will be my little reminder.
RIP, I love you.


I hate to miss someone who I can’t get back. Make it stop… Please…

I want to focus on my blog but after my life went wrong I can’t.
I miss him every minute. I cry all the time. I sleep a lot.
I can’t believe he is dead. I won’t believe it.
You were my best friend and I loved you so much, why did you leave me?
I miss you. I want you alive. 
I’m so sorry
But I can’t be on tumblr right now. I’m so broken


I know you're sad and it's really hard to heal after something like that. I won't tell you any of that "smile it makes you feel better" stuff because it doesn't. Just know you have people who care about you and even though it takes time, it WILL get better.

thank you. maybe i need a few years just to stop thinking about him everyday and you are right. it takes time. 


We were written in the stars, my love


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